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 Forum Rules & Guidelines (Must Read!)

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PostSubject: Forum Rules & Guidelines (Must Read!)   17th June 2016, 23:24

General Rules

Posts that contain little value of the actual thread and excessive bumping is considered spamming. Please be aware of this - you'll receive a warning and your thread deleted.

Being rude (sarcasm, unhelpful and abusive comments) for the sake of creating an argument is against the rules. Do not mock somebody or make them feel bad for anything; especially if it's a difference in opinion.

As long as it remains civil - debating is very much encouraged. Feel free to share your opinions with others.

If you set out to intentionally ruin other users' enjoyment on the forums, you'll receive a warning and a temporary three (3) day ban. Clickbait titles are also considered trolling - please refrain from misleading others.

Multiple Threads
Threads that are similar to each other are marginally allowed. However, if they're carbon copies of each other, the thread with the least amount of activity will be deleted. This is so we don't have an overwhelming amount of clutter on the forum. If you accidentally create two of the same thread, please contact an admin or moderator to let them know.

Mature Content
Due to the age consent of the forum, all mature content must remain in the appropriate forums. Intentionally posting a thread in the wrong section of the forum will result in a temporary three (3) day suspension of your account.

Icons & Signatures

• Icons must be kept under 200x200 px.
• Signatures must be kept under 400x400 px.
• Do not show any mature content on your icon or signature.

Staff have the right to remove any inappropriate signatures and/or icons without prior warning.


Can I make call out or black lists posts?
No. Posts with the intention of harming another user is not allowed in any circumstances, even if their name hasn't been mentioned.

What happens if somebody is harassing me?
Report the user to one of the admins and they will deal with it appropriately.

What happens if I post in the wrong forum?
Notify a member of staff and they will move the thread to the correct forum.

Harassment Policy

If you feel like you're being harassed by another user, please contact an admin or a member of staff. Depending on the severity of the incident, the user accounts may be warned, suspended for a period of time or permanently banned from the forum.

Real life threats and personal attacks on other users are strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent ban of the users account and IP address. These attacks include, but are not limited to:

• Death threats, violence threats or threatening to distribute personal information.
• Deliberately promoting jump scares and/or other shocking imagery.
• Purposely abusing the support ticket system to target another user.

General harassment and sexual harassment on other users are also strictly prohibited. These attacks include, but are not limited to:

• Deliberately sending other users/people after another user.
• Calling out or black listing other users.
• Verbally insulting other users for any reason.
• Verbally insulting other users for their heritage/ethnicity/race/nationality, etc.
• Verbally insulting other users for their sexual orientation/gender identity, etc.
• Spamming another user via PM, a forum post or on their user page.

Obscene and vulgar content is prohibited outside of the 18+ forums, including:

• References to human anatomy and bodily functions.
• Extreme violence and sexual acts.
• Pornographic material of any kind.

Child pornography/exploitation is prohibited on all boards. No exceptions.

Roleplay Rules

God Modding
Do not take control of another user's character without their permission.

Out of Character
Do not spam roleplay threads with OOC discussions. For major out of character threads, there is a separate sub-forum designed specifically for planning, plotting and creating. Please keep unrelated discussions outside of the roleplaying forum.

Mature Content
Roleplays that are above the PG-13 rating are strictly prohibited from the general roleplaying forum. If you wish to roleplay mature themes, please ask a member of staff to give you access to the 18+ forum. Any threads that are deemed too 'mature' will be promptly deleted.

Group Roleplays
If a roleplay is marked as 'private' or 'invitation-only' please respect the users' wishes and do not post. The original poster of the thread may set guidelines for their roleplay, including whether or not they'd like it to be an open group roleplay.

1x1 Roleplays
The same rules apply as with group roleplays; if there's a two-person roleplay thread, please respect the users' wishes and do not post (unless you are one of the two roleplayers).

Roleplay Limit
There is a maximum number of five (5) user created threads per person. This means that a single user may only have five roleplays on-going at any one time. However, you may join more than five threads.

Inactive Threads
If a thread remains inactive (without being paused) for a month, it will be locked and moved into the 'Unfinished Roleplays' section. If you wish to resume the thread, please contact a member of staff who will unlock it and move it back to the original forum.

Creative Corner

All non-roleplay related work belong in the creative corner. These include:

• Illustrations/sketches/drawings, etc.
• Fan art.
• Fan fiction.
• Original stories.

All story threads, including both original stories and fan fiction, must have a separate comment thread in the designated forum. This is to keep the story easy to read, especially if it is an on-going story, without the cluster of comments breaking up each segment.

Mature Content
If a piece of work contains anything that would be considered explicit, it must be tagged with 'NSFW' in the thread's title. Failure to do so will result in the piece of work being deleted and you will receive a warning.

These rules are subject to change at any time without prior notice.
Thank you for your time in reading these and we hope that you enjoy roleplaying here.
- Staff.
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Forum Rules & Guidelines (Must Read!)
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